Due to the corona virus and per Governor Baker’s order, we are temporary closed.

We will reopen as soon as we allowed to.  Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to serving your cleaning and repair needs in the near future.  If you need to reach us in the meantime, please contact at info@bontonrug.com

Bon Ton Rug has been cleaning and repairing the finest rugs and carpets in the Greater Boston area since 1901. We have a proud family tradition that goes back four generations to the company’s founder, Hagop Dohanian.
The love and appreciation that we have for these beautiful works of art are apparent in everything we do. We take great pride in the quality of our work, from cleaning and stain removal to expert weaving and repair. Our rug cleaning staff take great care to ensure that your rug is getting the best treatment possible and our rug repairers have decades of experience and are fine artisans.

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Great experience with Bon Ton back in February. I took a large wool rug that had been soaked in a flood. It hadn't been cleaned in the 10 years I'd owned it. Got a great education on my rug as well as really good service. And they were very accommodating, when, after it was ready, I needed them to hold on to it until I was in my new place.

Allgimbel, Medford, MA

More than a decade ago a good friend recommended Bon Ton Rug Cleansers when I mentioned I was in need f having area rugs cleaned. It is, quite possibly, one of the very best recommendations I have ever received. They are simply the best. I have my rugs cleaned regularly and I marvel at the excellent work they do. I have 2 dogs - big drooly Great Pyrenees and today as we unrolled our freshly cleaned rugs we, once again, marveled at how they look brand new.

Maria, Jamaica Plains

Great job cleaning and repairing my oriental rug. The rug had been in storage for three years; before that, it endured about 7 years of cat hair, dirt, Guinness stains, etc. They got out all the stains and repaired the fringe; I've never seen it looking so beautiful. Highly recommended.

Neva, Boston

I entrusted Bon Ton to clean my grandparents' $10k+ Persian rug. It came back good as new. Every stain was gone and the rug looks incredible. Bon Ton has been in the game since the 50's I think, you can trust them to do a good job.

Scott, Jamaica Plains

Here's the deal people: Bon Ton Rug has been run by the same family since 1901. Would you rather trust your family heirlooms or expensive rugs to some big corporation who doesn't care about quality control and can just write off any damage they cause, or a small family owned business that has been cleaning and repairing rugs for generations and who stands by their work? They are hands down the best in the Boston area. Their prices are absolutely reasonable. Yes, it can be pricey when you have a large rug or several rugs cleaned at the same time. I can guarantee other places charge more. Besides, we're not talking about dry cleaning sweaters here! If you've ever been inside their plant, you'll see how much work is going into cleaning the rugs. My point is that Bon Ton is the best and I wouldn't trust my rugs to anyone else. Period.

Liz, Watertown
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